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Affirm the future you want

Life is what you make it
Life is what you make it
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An affirmation is the process of naming and claiming what you want, and embracing IT as if IT has already been received. You have to believe your wants and needs into existence. Change is a huge component to affirming the future you want. It involves reassessing one's mindset, and shifting thoughts to accommodate the dream, want, and need. The mind is very powerful; and your thoughts can determine the type of energy you bring into your life. Surround yourself with positive people who also believe in you and support your affirmation, unconditionally. Now is the time to ask yourself these very important questions: 'What do I want out of life? Where am I now with thinking IT into existence? What is keeping me from affirming my future? AND How can I break the barriers?' Below is the recipe, the script, the 'how to', the 'to do' list, the road map (whatever it is for you) that will provide you with the guidance needed to affirm the future you want.

1. Name IT and Claim IT!

2. Believe that you can have IT.

3. Envision yourself with IT - Write your road map to IT.

4. Embrace IT as a part of your life.

5. Create a vision/possibility board or scrap book with pictures of you and IT.

6. Walk in Faith and Ownership of IT!

7. Take the necessary steps to make IT (your Affirmation) a reality; and enjoy what positive energy produces.

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