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AFCON offers speakers on academic freedom topics

The Academic Freedom Coalition of Nebraska (AFCON) speakers' bureau offers a variety of programs given by its members. Current programs are:

“Banned Books, Black Armbands, and School Prayer: The Evolution of Children’s First Amendment Rights in America,” by Peggy Adair.

“Threats to Academic Freedom at Universities,” by Dwayne Ball.

“Civics Education and the Practice of Freedom” and “How Books Can Harm You: Lessons from the Censors,” by Bob Haller.

“Principles of Academic Freedom,” by David Moshman.

Moshman and John Bender team up for “Student Freedom of Expression/Student Rights.”

“Implications of the USA Patriot Act,” by Laurie Thomas Lee.

All of the presenters are based in the Lincoln area.
AFCON also offers a Readers’ Theatre dramatic production of A Tangled Web: Student Freedom of Expression for a cast of adults and students. For more information contact AFCON.

“Academic freedom,” according to AFCON’s Website, “is defined as intellectual freedom in educational and research contexts, and includes freedoms of belief and expression, as well as access to information and ideas."

Membership is open to students ($5/yr.), individuals ($15/yr.), and organizations ($120/yr.). To join, send dues, organization or individual name, address, and phone number to Cathi McMurtry, 515 N. Thomas Avenue, Oakland, NE 68045). For more information visit AFCON’s Website.

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