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AeroBalloon set to leave Houston

When wide eyed Elsa asked "What is it like?" she longed to step inside the tethered balloon and find out for herself.

Weather kept passengers from experiencing the ride that Paul Socie equated to a "flying ship that rocks in the air" but that didn't keep Austin visitor, Elsa, from visualizing what it would be like. Disappointed she couldn't experience the ride which she thought flying 35 stories into the air would be "really cool," she admired it would also be a little scary.

Socie, AeroBalloon USA's VP of Operations says the silent and eco-friendly balloon will be here another week and then take a month long break from lifting sight-seers into the air before it heads to Chicago. Thrifty families can get to Discovery Green this week and save $5 per ticket at off peak times or wait until its anticipated return in November.