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Aeneas Williams- Best cornerback in NFL history?

Aeneas Williams
Harry How/All Sport

According to many NFL analysts, justice has been served.

Aeneas Williams, a former cornerback for the Arizona Cardinals and the St. Louis Rams, will be inducted into the Hall of Fame in the Class of 2014.

Williams had an impressive career. Williams had a total of 55 interceptions in his career.

It can be argued that Williams is a better defensive back than Deion Sanders. What separates Williams from Deion Sanders is his great tackling ability, and how physical a cornerback he was, compared to Deion Sanders. Williams did not possess the “punt return” abilities as Deion Sanders, but Williams should be on top of that list, alongside Deion Sanders with his playmaking ability.

Williams is the first player drafted by the Arizona Cardinals to be elected in the Hall of Fame.

Williams was selected in the third round, out of Southern University. He played nearly 10 years with the Arizona Cardinals.

Williams has an impressive resume. He had 677 tackles, 23 fumble recoveries, and 55 interceptions. Another interesting fact is that Williams had 12 touchdowns, three on fumble recoveries and nine on interceptions.

Williams was selected to the Pro Bowl eight times, one at safety and seven times as a cornerback.

Aeneas Williams is one of the most underrated cornerbacks in the game. Williams is as good as Darrell Green and Deion Sanders. Sanders and Green never played the run like Williams did, but Sanders and Green got inducted to the Hall of Fame before Williams.

An interesting fact that shows why Williams should be considered one of the best cornerbacks of all time is the fact that he is tied for third in NFL history with 12 defensive touchdowns, and 11th in NFL history with 23 fumble recoveries by a defensive player.

Move over Deion Sanders, Aeneas Williams will be inducted into the Hall of Fame and taking his place as arguably the best cornerback in NFL history.

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