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Advocating for the rescue of Charlotte from San Bernardino City Animal Shelter

Charlotte is another sweet dog caught in the contentious battle between volunteers who want to help dogs and animal shelter personnel who deny volunteers the opportunity to help; all of this at a high-kill California animal shelter.

Charlotte was confiscated and has been at the shelter since April 14. Advocates fear Charlotte will get sick and be euthanized before someone has a chance to rescue this gentle dog.
Pit a Boo

Charlotte was confiscated by authorities and will not be available for adoption until April 29; not a good position for any dog to be in regardless of the shelter, but San Bernardino City Shelter located at 333 Chandler Place has a reputation for euthanizing dogs and cats at the first sign of illness.

Sadly, because of alleged filthy conditions, dogs are getting sick within four days of arrival.

Volunteers are no longer permitted to take any of the dogs for walks. No one knows why. A volunteer writes:

"I am worried for Charlotte. I want you all to help me with this case. The shelter is killing sick dogs before their available day. Let's all scream for Charlotte! We need to call the shelter to show our interest in this dog. We need to call everyday to let them know we are watching, and we are working on her to get her out of that place. Please call 909-384-1304 and reference A463777."

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Please click here for Charlott's first video and how sweet this dog seems to be.

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For information about rescuing or adopting a dog or cat from San Bernardino City Animal Shelter, please click here.

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