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Advice on how to hook your audience

What's Your Hook?

Have you ever had to give a presentation and you weren’t sure how to start? You are, of course, aware of how important the first few phrases are, but you never know what to say to make your audience pay attention to you the moment you start speaking. Truth is, no matter the field you work in, it is very important to be able to send your message across, to make people remember your ideas, and to persuade them and convince them. Professional speaker and corporate trainer Kevin Carroll has written a guide that will teach you how to hook your audience form the very first words you speak. ‘What’s Your Hook? How to Reel in Your Audience and Make Your Message Stick’ is not a book that is only aimed at presenters and salespeople, but at everyone who has to make a kind of presentation at a certain point in their life. If you want to make sure your message sticks with the audience, then this is the book you need.

The author starts from the premise: ‘There are no boring topics, there are only boring speakers.’ As long as you know how to make people pay attention to you, it doesn’t even matter that they weren’t very interested in the topic in the first place. They become interested the moment you hook them. Unfortunately, the main problem is that many speakers are afraid of using hooks for various reasons. They might fear that their hook is not clever enough, or is a bit out of context. Maybe the audience won’t understand it or appreciate it, and then the whole presentation is ruined. Kevin Carroll comes up with some great tips and advice on how to conquer these fears and choose relevant hooks that will only make your speech more interesting and engaging.

What is a hook, actually? This is how the author describes it: ‘A hook is any creative device that grabs someone’s attention. A hook could be: a catchy phrase, a humorous story, an amazing statistic, a memorable demonstration or a thought-provoking question.’ As you can see, you can use anything as a hook as long as it is well tied to your presentation and message. The audience will remember your message because they will remember the hook. If they know how your presentation started, then they will be able to build from there and remember all the point and details. And that is exactly what you are aiming for.

‘What’s Your Hook? How to Reel in Your Audience and Make Your Message Stick’ is a must-read for anyone who finds himself/herself in the position of persuading someone. Maybe you’re a teacher, or a manager, or maybe you’re just going to an interview and you have to convince the interviewer you’re the person the company needs. Even parents might find Kevin Carroll’s book helpful, because they could always use some of the tips to get their children’s attention. After reading ‘What’s Your Hook? How to Reel in Your Audience and Make Your Message Stick’ and applying the advice, you should become a clearer and more persuasive communicator, and even enjoy giving presentations more.

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