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Advice for Seniors Participating in the Fight for Air Climb in Denver 2014

The 2014 Anthem Fight for Air climb is being hosted in Denver, and as long as you have the OK from your doctor, you can participate! Even if you can't participate, you can still donate your money and time to this great fundraiser, which raises money for the American Lung Association. This exciting event is being held at the tallest building in this region of the country, located in downtown Denver – the Republic Plaza Building.

The Fight for Air climbs take place in different locations around the country, always in some of the tallest buildings and stadiums, which is what makes it a climb. If you have a loved one who has a lung diseases such as COPD, lung cancer or asthma, this might be a cause close to your heart. If you'd like to participate, you'll want to take some things into consideration.

It's not a race, but it will be physically demanding, and there are some incentives for finishing the race before other participants. Before you participate, you will need to make sure you are in good health. Visit your doctor first, get checked out, and tell your doctor you want to participate in this event. You will need to complete it by climbing the 56 floors and 1,098 steps that are in the Republic Plaza Building.

If you check out alright with your doctor, you should warm up well before the event by doing a lot of stretching. Running up flights of stairs, or even just quickly walking up 1,098 stairs will do a number on almost every part of your body, but mostly your feet and ankles, knees, hamstrings, back, and sides. Stretch these parts of your body extremely well, especially if you've been sitting in the car or in another vehicle for a while to get to the building. If you are over the age of 55, your joints will need more tender loving care.

You will also need to make sure you eat plenty of foods that are high in protein the day before this event, or the day before any event like this that you will participate in. Eat something light and protein rich right before the climb, to keep you energized and full because you will be burning a lot of calories. Eating protein and plenty of fresh veggies will get your energy stores up as well. Drink lots of water the days leading up to the event to keep your body hydrated and in top working order.

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