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Advice for emerging hip hop artists on gaining exposure

Hip hop artists and rappers wanting to build a following and gain exposure to ignite careers should heed the advice of veteran artist Jefe Wine. Jefe, whose name means boss in Spanish, has released 17 albums with a new one due out in mid-2014.

His rich bass quality has gained him a strong following among women who anticipate his next release and appearances.

I asked the Houston-based artist what advice he has for those wanting to gain a foothold and take the next step in their music careers. He had these few words of advice.

Your Individuality

"Express yourself exactly the way you want to express yourself and never clone yourself like another rapper. Build on your individuality. You'll be surprised how many relate to you and understand you."

Use Social Media

"YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are there for you to make serious use of social media."

Jefe has used YouTube as his platform as he has built and reinvented himself. Look for his music under Jefe Wine and his single "Black Jew", his previous name Wine-O with his hit "Pop My Trunk", and his faith in God as the performer Nuwine.

Build in Your Own City

He says it's important to build a local following and the word will spread. He says getting known in Houston led to the word about his rap music spreading in Dallas, across Louisiana, reaching Miami, Atlanta and finally Los Angeles.

Jefe's says his upcoming 18th album is a "grand statement and reflects his passion for music."

"You get seasoned as you keep producing music. I'm expecting this project to be the best of all I've released."

That's one more piece of advice for emerging artists. Keep perfecting your craft.

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