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Advice column: mom find drugs on son job lay off blues

Flora and June
Flora and June
A. Reynolds

Dear Readers,

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June and Flora

Dear Housewives,
I recently found drugs in my son's backpack. I found a marijuana cigarette. He told me it wasn't his he was holding it for a friend and I believe him. Should I call the other kid's mother?

Not "toking" around in CT

JUNE: Dear not toking, wake up fool. I believe the Cosby's had this issue, oh yeah, and the Brady's and any other family sitcom in the history of television. It was always "the friend" on those shows, not in real life. Your kid is smoking dope and for you to call up some kid's mother b/c your kid had pot is reckless at best. Unless you have proof, parent your own kid and tell him why he needs to knock it off. Good luck and stop being blind to the issues that kids face now. Don't be one of those parents that make excuses for everything your kid does.

FLORA: I would call the parents of all his friends and share that you found a marijuana cigarette in your son's backpack. This way they are aware of what your son is doing. You all can be on the 'same team' when it comes to handling this serious issue. Talk with your son and tell him that that his friends families are aware.

There may be a someone in your town's Police Department that can guide you on how best to handle this matter. Another idea is to also contact: This is the site for Meriden Wallingford Substance Abuse Council. Their mission statement is: MAWSAC belongs to a statewide system of public/private partnerships known as Regional Action Councils. MAWSAC's mission is to join with communities and support them in their efforts to develop a climate where healthy life choices are fostered and realized.
Keep a close eye and a tight rein on your son; monitor his comings and goings.

JUNE: Gee Flora, you will really embarass him with that one. The idea should be to help him not drive him further to drugs by humiliating him. And, it is 2009, you will get more eye rolls from those parents that "teamwork".

Dear Housewives,

I was laid off from my job and am in the dumps.
It is so difficult for me. When the kids are in school I just dwell on my
situation. I have to stay chipper for my children.
Any tips? I can't ask my friends...

Looking for a job in all the wrong places

FLORA: Let's sign it "Looking for jobs in all the RIGHT places!" I will
say, since your children are in school, tie your sneakers, take a big sip of water and go out side every day for
a walk for 15 - 30 minutes. This will clear your head,
naturally increase the chipper hormones inside you and give you a
healthy attitude! Your Housewives are with you.

Take the time during the day as a temporary job. This new temp job is
called: job seeking. It can be a full-time job to
look for a job. Get your name and resume on the job search sites. Create
an electronic or paper file of all the places you contact and follow-up
with. Get showered and dressed every day; right down to the shoes!

Flora is a praying lady, so I will pray for you and your family.

JUNE: A walk is great for your health but it isn't going to make you forget your jobless situation. That can be very scary. Maybe you can find a support group to have other people to talk to. Perhaps others with your company have been laid off recently. You should start scouring the want ads and use the internet. Many jobs are posted online now. Look outside your field to maybe change careers. If you have to take a class try to do it now since you have a bit of time. I do like the temp agency idea since you may find a job you like and many turn into permanent positions. Good luck!

Book Nook/Movie Corner

JUNE: Hey Flora, time for the fall shows to start and I am so happy about it. "Biggest Loser" is back and awesome. "The Office" and "30 Rock" are back as well as our favorite FX hit "Sons of Anarchy". We recently watched "Coraline" with the kids. A bit scary for them but a great movie overall. With Halloween around the corner you should rent it.

FLORA: I am about to read "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn". A review will follow....I haven't watched any movies recently.