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Adventurine - crystal of the week



Adventurine is a type of quartz. 

It has energizing properties and protects and clears negative energy from the heart chakra.

It is said that adventurine is a prosperity stone and can bring good luck to the person who carries it. And just like it's name implies, it can bring adventure to the one who holds it. It helps creativity flow.

Personally, I like adventurine because it's pretty. It can range in color from pale green to deep, dark green. Sometimes, gold specks can be found swirled in the stone. 

When looking for crystals, hold them in your hand and see if you can feel the energy. You will know which crystal is meant for you. It will just "feel" right. When I hold adventurine, I can feel it resonating with me. Perhaps you will find a good vibration with adventurine too.

*As always, new age modalities should be used to complement traditional medical help and not as a substitute if you have a medical condition and are in need of treatment.


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