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Adventures with Kenny Wesley

Kenny Wesley Live
Kenny Wesley Live
Sir Harvey Fitz

Beautiful music can be made almost anywhere, even in a back alley hole in the wall joint in the heart of Washington DC. Kenny Wesley is living proof of that. Recently at the historical Blues Alley of Georgetown, Wesley delighted audiences of two separate shows with his live musical instrumentation as well as his soaring vocals that stir the soul.

Very rarely these days can there be found such an individual with as massive a love and appreciation for the art of music as Wesley. This was very fortunate considering the venue is notorious for turning what would be on average a $25.00 concert into upwards of a $65.00 evening given the ridiculous surcharges, minimum house spend per person or complete stranger you're forced to dine with (At tables no larger than bedside nightstands which overcrowd the already microscopic space.) from a menu which concists of lackluster cuisine and a less than subpar drink selection. As aforementioned though Wesley is well worth top dollar ticket prices as his musicianship stands at a level of mastery. He is the definition of a singer's singer with a wide range of vocal ability and more importantly the applicable knowledge of singing notes, cords, and how not to overkill riffs and runs as many male artists are guilty of doing.

The first show opened to a sold out show greeting his arrival with applause as he made his way through the crowd to the stage (There is no backstage, in fact there barely is a stage at this venue.) No matter how great singers are, if their band isn't musically equal the show is going to be a disaster. This definitely was not Wesley's case. Generally the best play for the best and in this instance the roster included Duane Payne on drums, musical director Dennis Turner on bass, and Zach Cutler on guitar. Those three made up a trinity perfect for Wesley's dynamics and vocal stylings.

1st show:

Favorite Things
Feels Good

Last Night
Woman ( Kenny + Lydia)

Rock With You
If You Think You're Lonely Now//Woman's Gotta Have It (Bobby Womack)
Where Do Broken Hearts
When I Give My Love To You (Mycah Chevalier - impromptu vocal appearance)
Amazing Grace
Go (Whitney)
Creepin (Luther/Stevie)
Percussion Outro// Thank You For Letting Me Be Myself

The night was a musical journey through multiple genres of music that Wesley sang effortlessly as if he'd been doing so for decades. He made the covers his own, and his original songs permanently stuck in the audience's ears like wax on vinyl. His impromptu duets specifically with best friend and fellow musical aficionado Lydia René possed the question as to why those two have yet to record a project together. Their voices have a Marvin Gaye Tammy/Terrell love affair thing going on that needs to be heard by the masses. Also to note there was barely a dry eye in the house when Wesley sang a moving tribute of Amazing Grace to his late mentor who had passed away a short while ago. If ever there is a chance to see Kenny Wesley live in concert TAKE IT! Until then purchase his latest album The Real Thing available on iTunes.

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