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Adventure, romance and hidden treasure


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Travis Thrasher is an author who does not fit into any one genre and that’s the way he likes it. He has tried his hand at writing horror and love stories, adventures and mysteries.

Out of the Devil’s Mouth is a distinctly Indiana Jones style adventure. Travis himself states in the back of the book he meant for it to be a horror novel but what came out was something akin to Raiders of the Lost Ark or The Temple of Doom.

The story is told by Henry Wolfe, a writer, journalist and adventurer. The book begins in 1929 in Chicago where Henry narrowly escapes a mob boss’s goons, intent on killing him after he writes a rather revealing article. When an old contact informs him that wealthy socialite Kate Prescott wants him to join an expedition and he can name his price, it seems the perfect set up. He can lay low for a bit and take care of his debts. Kate’s brother Louis went missing years earlier in the Amazon, looking for a lost city that guards the fountain of youth. Many have tried to find the city and few have ever survived to tell the tale.

Thrasher’s set up for the story is excellent. The roaring 20s forms a perfect romantic backdrop to his adventure tale. The mystery of a lost city and the fountain of youth will keep readers breezing through the pages eager for the climax. I was a little disappointed that a few elements hinted at in the beginning of the book were not directly addressed and some things were left unresolved.

In their quest to find the city, Henry and his companions battle a tribe of Indians intent on guarding the city’s secrets. It’s here that the story briefly takes a mystical turn as the group encounters a series of seemingly supernatural obstacles. This part did not sit especially well with me and it is thankfully very brief.

Overall the book is cleverly crafted. Throughout the story Henry refers to his first book about his adventures in Egypt. Don’t go looking for this book though, it doesn’t exist. Thrasher penned this stand alone adventure as though it were part of series. Adventure lovers will find this book enjoyable and aside from a few mystical elements it was an enjoyable ride.