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Adventure racing - one more way for hikers to stay in shape - Houston hiking


Adventure Racing in Houston
To incorporate hiking into a competitive sport, try Adventure Racing where a team of athletes completes a designated course using various forms of sport. Adventure Racing offers hikers, cyclists, skaters, and swimmers a chance to cross over into different sports while all competing on a team.
Each race determines the rules, which may include so many miles of paddling, hiking, orienteering, and then cycling to complete the race. It is demanding and difficult, making it one of the few sports where finishing is considered a victory. The races are comprised of teams of between 2-5 people and can last from a few hours to several days. Some races cover as many as 100 miles while some just 10 miles.
The disciplines that may be in a race include mountain biking, orienteering, hiking, paddling, swimming, rock climbing, and skating. The Adventure Racing clubs in Houston include Houston Adventure Racing Team and Houston Fit Adventure Racing. Besides hosting events, these clubs offer training camps, equipment rental information, and separate programs for novices and veterans.
Adventure Racing can be summed up as an endurance, multi-sport relay race with a couple of your best friends.