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Advantages of clicker training


Ever wonder which method of training is the best for your dog? Each individual dog is motivated by a different reward. Some want treats, others prefer toys or playtime, and a handful will follow a command simply for praise from their owner. One method of training a dog is by using a clicker. Clickers can be purchased at your local pet supply store.

Clicker training is a form of positive reinforcement training. What is positive reinforcement training? Positive reinforcement is giving the dog a reward for a good behavior or following a command, but nothing negative or painful happens to the dog for not performing the direction. Clicker training allows you to set your own pace, some dogs learn quicker then others.

The basic premise is that the clicking sound is used in place of words. A click means "Yes!" By clicking, then immediately following with a reward, the dog quickly learns that the clicking sound is a good sound. It is a quicker, easier way to inform the dog they have preformed the correct action then having to dig out a treat and make the dog wonder if he is doing to right thing.

As with any form of training, consistency is key. This is where the clicker takes advantage. There is no variation of vocal tone and the click is easy to distinguish; the click never changes. Also, all members of the family can partake in the training since the dog doesn't become accustomed to only hearing one voice.
Clicker training can be used not only for basic commands like sit, down, and stay, but it can also be used to house and kennel train you dog. By clicking when they are finished eliminating outside, then supplementing with a treat or toy, the dog will be more likely to wait until he can go outside, since he really wants the reward.

Clicker training can not only transform your dog into an obedient, well behaved dog, but it will also form a bond between you and him, truly making him your best friend. Good Luck!


  • Erik 5 years ago

    Very useful articel. Well laid out and provides excellent explanation as to the benefits of this training method. Well done!

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