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Advantages of Being Flexible in the Workplace

Flexibility at Work - by Dr. Dionne Mahaffey
Flexibility at Work - by Dr. Dionne Mahaffey
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Flexibility at work is a requirement for workers and employees. Streamlined work forces, shifts in technology and a changing marketplace; are just a couple of reasons why flexibility is the new standard for many organizations. While your business may not have an official set of rules for a flexible workplace, there are a number of advantages to be gained by taking on a flexible attitude and strategy, in regards to your occupation.

Advantages of Flexibility—From the Employee’s Viewpoint

  1. Adopting change can expand your chances. Work environment is unstable nowadays. This means those workers who can adjust to changing priorities are considered a precious advantage above and beyond their abilities and expertise. Having the ability to adapt to shifts in organizational dynamics is crucial these days.
  2. Flexibility can allow you to strike life/work balance. Telecommuting, the linked workplace and other technologies mean the lines between work-hours and personal-time have been distorted. Instead of you resisting this change, adopt it. While you may be required to be adaptive and reply e-mails during your evening hours, it is also possible to use this flexibility to your benefit. Individual needs—once transferred to weekends only—can be tackled with ease since we're constantly connected, whether in the office or not.
  3. Being flexible or adaptable will allow you to be more receptive to change. The ever-changing dynamics of the workplace means that you just must adjust and react to change, fast. Resisting this can cause undue pressure. Understanding and adopting flexibility will allow you to adjust to challenging situations easily.

Advantages of Flexibly—From the Employers Viewpoint

  1. Being adaptive reveals you appreciate diversity at work. Diversification of the place of work is the new standard. Differing employee, faith, and culture needs mean that today’s business must accommodate diversity in regards to working, reasoning and socializing with others. Flexibility will allow you to cater for the wants of your diverse work force with less hassle.
  2. Flexibility is an excellent management choice. Supervisors must adjust to day to day shifts in schedules of the place of work—personal issues of the employees, unanticipated work influx, worker private problems and more. Ability to be flexible creates an environment where companies and workers can look at work and private demands in a balanced strategy, which is reciprocally advantageous.
  3. Ability to adapt is a path to success. For businesses, flexibility with the employee is excellent. It establishes worker’s trust and devotion; helps bring and keep key ability.
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