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Advantage of small venues

Opera Night Club in Atlanta
Opera Night Club in Atlanta
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Atlanta, known as the home to some of the greatest Hip Hop acts & producers in the world, is rapidly making a name for itself in another musical genre, that of Electronic Dance Music or EDM.

Electronic Dance Music’s popularity around the world is widespread, especially in Europe, Asia, and South America. In the United States, it has rapidly become one of the most listened to forms of music and has emerged as the staple sound of the club scene in many other major market cities, such as; Miami, New York, Chicago, and San Francisco.

Over the last few years, with Superclubs such as; Opera, located in Midtown Atlanta, bringing in nationally known House Music and Trance DJs from all over the world, the EDM scene has definitely become more accessible to the masses.

Renowed DJ acts such as; Tiesto, Hybrid, Carl Cox, and Paul Van Dyk, who play to capacity filled stadiums all over the world, have graced Atlanta with their global styles of dance music. This has lead to the emergence of some of the city’s best local DJs, getting their chance to showcase their musical talents to audiences on local, national, and international levels. As Atlanta has become more of a prominent city in the electronic dance music arena, the realization that other cities have discovered previously, is that some of the best places to promote the scene is not exclusively in the large clubs; it is important to utilize the smaller venues that offer the audience a unique opportunity to watch these artists perform their craft up close and personal. The intimacy afforded by the smaller lounges and establishments simply cannot be met by the larger clubs. Many of these lounges are within walking or short driving distance of the larger clubs and are definitely posing some competition for what used to be a captive market.

Every Saturday night, intimate lounges such as; Apres Diem, located in Midtown Atlanta, offer the ultimate in relaxation with an entire room of comfortable sofas, scrumptious dessert and drink selections, paired with the hottest local DJ talent. This is their house music Saturday night called, Fusion. Other venues such as the ultra sleek, Halo, gives the crowd a combination of comfort with a nice addition of sensory stimulation that is provided by several overhead projectors showing the best in indie files and anime, as the DJs provide the aural backdrop for the night’s events.

This is just a tiny bit of the musical magic that can found in Atlanta’s EDM scene.

For more information about what is going on at various venues in Atlanta and the city’s electronic dance music scene, join the Transmission X group and fan page on Facebook.


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