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Advanced techniques for Facebook marketing

Learn several advanced marketing techniques for Facebook. From Like-Gates to integrating a Pinterest account, there is something here for everyone.
Learn several advanced marketing techniques for Facebook. From Like-Gates to integrating a Pinterest account, there is something here for everyone.
Shel Moore of Moore Than SEO

Many businesses are savvy enough to create a basic business page, but completely unaware of many advanced techniques for Facebook marketing. Did you know that there are a number of strategies good marketers employ to boost the promotion of their business pages? Here are a few advanced techniques to consider working into the marketing mix for increased social media followers and interest.

Create a Like-Gate to offer exclusive content or coupons. Develop special content designed to entice Facebook page likes in exchange for access. This tactic helps to increase page likes by offering an attractive freebie in exchange for a small online courtesy. Facebook business pages that implement this feature will gain increased mindshare from future postings as their overall audience grows.

Use Facebook custom tabs to provide enhanced information. Many Facebook page administrators are not aware that they can easily integrate a variety of alternative social media sources using custom tabs. It's possible to integrate an Etsy shop, Pinterest account, and more right within a business Facebook account. Set this up to offer enhanced information about high priority products and solutions, special offers, or other meaningful connections.

Ensure the business Facebook address is present on all communication materials. This sounds very basic, yet is often overlooked by many business owners. Make sure the Facebook address is visible on every marketing material from business cards to email signatures, flyers, featured advertisements, and more. Create and place small flyers on reception counters, waiting room tables, and informational bulletin boards. Offer special discounts and incentives for customers actively engaging in social media communication and cross-promote at both the physical location, if one exists, and on Facebook.

Create a Form-Gate for access to special promotions. A form gate requires users to complete a form prior to gaining access to special content. It functions much like the Facebook Like-Gate, but requires more input for goal completion. This is often used when holding contests or creating a promotion designed to generate more qualified leads.

Integrate QR codes into the marketing mix. Satisfy the tech-savvy customer with QR codes making mobile visits to a business Facebook pages and other social media platforms a breeze. Codes can be worked into visual content, cover art, and even signage for increased visits. It's even possible to program a QR code that links a reader to a business' Facebook page with a prompt to like the page.

No matter what your level of understanding with social media, there are always new and improved ways of spreading awareness. These strategies have been helpful to countless local businesses and will continue to evolve as social media engagement continues to gain in popularity.

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