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Adults with ADHD are losing work and money

A picture of a man standing outside his unfinished home.
A picture of a man standing outside his unfinished home.
(AP Photo/Josh Anderson)

A recent study carried out by a team who are part of a World Health Organization research consortium at Harvard medical school showed, adults with ADHD do 22 fewer days of work per year than people without the disorder.

It is one of the most costly health conditions in the U.S., costing $77 billion annually. Adults with ADHD make less money than their counterparts, annually between $4,500 and $10,000.

ADHD left untreated costs more than lost work and income, contributing to the decline in their own self worth. They have higher divorce rates, more traffic accidents, and are more likely to abuse drugs and alcohol.

If adults suspect they have ADHD, it is important to be evaluated and seek treatment.. Treatment can help adults with ADHD understand the reason for their problems with work and help them take back their life.

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For more information about adults with ADHD contact:
 Children and Adults with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder

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  • Tracy Cook Gilbert Special Needs Kids Examiner 5 years ago

    I was diagnosed as an adult, when my son was diagnosed at age 10. Medication for ADD, was like someone with poor vision getting glasses. Suddenly, the 'spinning' stopped, I could start (and finish) things, and life became super smooth. I was actually a tad angry that I could have had 'smooth' all my life if someone had noticed that the nickname 'spacey tracy' may have been sadly accurate!!! If anyone is debating medication for themselves, or their child, I would recommend trying different medications to see how they make you feel. I wish I had been given the option much sooner.

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