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Adulterous male names in the U.S. are Scott, Mark, and Matthew

If your name is Scott, Mark or Matthew, you could be classified a cheater.
If your name is Scott, Mark or Matthew, you could be classified a cheater.
Deirdre Haggerty

The most popular cheating names in the U.K. were revealed in April, and if your moniker was Wayne, Liam or Ryan, chances are your significant other had more than one eye on you. Since then, did its own digging here in the States, and look out lovers of Scott, Mark and Matthew, as these three could end up in the doghouse for having the most popular names in America on the cheating list., the go-to source for business and personal contact information, used the data from the U.K. study conducted by, which surveyed 2,000 ladies to choose the top 20 names of men most likely to cheat. The top three “love rats” included Wayne, Liam and Ryan with Scott, Mark and Matthew further down the cheater list. The WhitePages looked at the statistics and discovered women in America are more likely to meet a Scott, which was number seven on the U.K. survey, Mark, number nine and Matthew, who moved up one spot from number four. This data was based upon the popularity of the names within the United States.

Don’t call off the relationship just yet, says Liz Powell, Culture and Trend Expert from WhitePages. The data lists popular names in comparison with the U.K. survey, but a name isn’t a prerequisite for infidelity.

It’s interesting to compare this list with the list of names from the U.K. For instance, Liam has always been a popular name across the pond, and is now the second most popular boy’s name in the U.S., which rounds out our list of those, most likely to cheat. While we don’t recommend breaking up with your significant other just because their name falls on this list, it is an interesting tidbit for couples.

The WhitePages looked at how thirteen of the notorious cheater names from the United Kingdom ranked in terms of popularity here in the U.S and the details are as follows: The name and number of men associated with it in America.

The Unlucky 13: Top Men’s Names Most Associated with Cheating in the United States

  1. Scott: 1,911,897
  2. Mark: 1,846,210
  3. Matthew: 1,324,750
  4. Lee: 911, 576
  5. Ryan: 805,486
  6. Nicholas: 636,696
  7. Steve: 607,658
  8. Wayne: 484,941
  9. Craig: 429,684
  10. Harry: 333,442
  11. Dean: 236,369
  12. Ashley: 9,004
  13. Liam: 8,056

If you suspect your Scott, Mark, and Matthew or Wayne, Liam and Ryan of cheating don’t blame the name, it could just be a coincidence. There hasn’t been a study done in America to see what names suggest infidelity.

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