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Adult spring break: New tech for a perfect spring break staycation

spring break
Hill Street Studios/Getty Images

NBC released a video today about planning for an Adult Spring break. In this short two-minute video, NBC talks about ways you can save money, schedule your spring break plans and when the best days for flights are.

As an adult, we normally pose all of our focus on spring cleaning and chores - and if we’re lucky, maybe we can fit in some time to catch up on MLB Spring training? But if we’re really looking to rear out our inner Spring break mentality and use NBC’s tips to save us some money, here are some new releases that can help us do just that:

Xbox Kinect just released a YouTube video today on their development of Kinect Sports Rival, in which Forbes calls, “a novel way for families to play.” With the use of Kinect Sports rival we can accomplish a few things: Live out our own inner child through an array of sporting games, engage in activities with our children (jet ski at home instead of paying for a trip) and call out our old spring-break bods with exercise.

It was also announced today that Microsoft just released OneNote to be available for free for Mac users. This application will enable you to store all of your Spring cleaning tasks, trip notes, itinerary and budgets into one comprehensive document.

But if your main goal this Spring is your health and getting into shape, you may be interested to learn about Apple’s new development, the “Healthbook app.” says that this app will, “dig deeper into your health than any other wearable on the market.” There aren’t a whole lot of details on the functions of the app yet, but CIO says that the app will be able to detail your vitals: tracking “bloodwork, hydration levels, blood sugar, blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen saturation, fitness, weight, and food intake.”

Whether you're looking to exercise on a budget, play on a budget, organize or clean house during your spring break, these three releases can cater to any adult spring break you desire.

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