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Adult Industry Mogul Harry Mohney Supporter of Sex Education through the Arts?

Erotic art
erotic art

Harry Mohney forced Exodus Trust (operated by Dr. Ted Mcllvenna) out of The Erotic Heritage Museum, and is holding their artifacts hostage! Alfred Kinsey, Reverend Dr. Ted McIlvenna and Masters and Johnson, have all paved the way for people around the world to understand sexuality in a sex positive way.

Many years back Harry Mohney, sought out the assistance of Dr. McIlvenna, as an expert witness…Over the years Dr. McIlvenna has always stood strong on morals of what he felt was the right thing to do even in times when others would disagree.

His career began in 1965 when the United Methodists set Dr. McIlvenna the daunting task of trying to turn homosexuals into heterosexuals. Much to the Church's disdain, he concluded that people's sex drive was as individual as their fingerprints and impervious to change. His views on sexuality soon gained an international audience.

McIlvenna has stood up for what he believed in all of his life, in times when no one else was brave enough to do so and Harry Mohney respected that when he met Dr. McIlvenna.

As a collaborative team they decided to open The Erotic Heritage Museum. As quoted in their mission statement “The Purpose of the museum was to bridge the gap between commercial, and often misidentified pornographic material, with that which is aesthetic, often identified as folk, pop and fine art through a common visual language. In keeping with the legacy of the American Sexual Revolution, the Museum is dedicated to the belief that sexual pleasure and fun are natural aspects of the human experience, that such pleasure must be made available to all, and that our individual sexuality belongs to each of us.”

Exodus Trust a nonprofit organization operated by Dr. McIlvenna provided the artifacts in the museum and Mohney provided the space. The Exodus Trust archives consist of 40 years of collecting and preservation of all genres of the erotic and educational material.

Harry Mohney for personal reasons, that the public may never know, because of classified court documents, has now shut down the museum and is holding hostage to Exodus Trusts property.

Mahoney locked the doors and even had the police, escort librarian Jerry Zintara out of the building. According to McIlvenna, “Mohney will not release back to Exodus Trust a major academic library called the Fithian Library, second largest academic library of sexology, third only to the Kinsey institute….Mohney has in his possession over 20 thousand items of books journals, dissertations, research papers and erotic art from around the world….that belong to Exodus Trust.”

The unfortunate part is that at one time Mr. Mohney and Dr. McIlvenna worked together to create this museum for the purpose of sex education, that benefited hundreds of thousands of people from around the world.

All of the professionals that graduated from the Institute and the tremendous amount of contribution that Dr. Ted McIlvenna has made over a life time to healthy sexual research, Harry Mohney at this time refuses to release. After the museum closed Dr. McIlvenna was hoping to transport the library and artifacts to Los Angeles and with the help of others to open a new museum.

The unfortunate closing of the museum will have a ripple effect that could impact hundreds of thousands of people that have spent their lives contributing to sex education and research, if the materials are not returned…..Thousands of doctors, psychologists, criminologists, sexologist, therapists, that graduated from The Institute of Advanced Study of Human Sexuality.

In support of positive sexuality and the life work that Reverend Dr. Ted McIlvenna has contributed to the world, it is unsettling that this man at the age of 82 and his wife and family have to go through this stress.

We ask that others support the cause of retrieving the belonging from the museum and have them transported to Los Angeles, so that Dr. McIlvenna’s work can continue to benefit us all.

I will continue to cover the story as it unfolds, please subscribe for more information and leave your comments below. People who would like to help support the cause please call the Institute of Advanced Study of Human Sexuality. (415) 928-1133

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