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Adult fitness and exercise sciences called 'primitive'

Yesterday (1/13/14), engineers from the Adult Exercise Efficiency Project, explained what they call, "The missing aspect of adult fitness and exercise science", which they claim has kept adult fitness in a primitive state.

Adult exercises called "Very Primitive"
Photo by Bethany Clarke/Getty Images

This not for profit project may be the first time people have mapped the destructive forces of exercise (or any motion), through the human body.

Several years ago they redefined adult exercise efficiency, based on how much of the motion resistance against any exercise, only opposes (fights) muscle contractions.

Before their definition, exercise efficiency had many meanings, and few were about evaluating separate methods, most were about an individual's ability to do exercise.

Yesterday morning they presented their evidence about why modern fitness and exercise sciences remain too primitive to design efficient exercises for adults. Here are their words.

"For decades fitness and exercise science experts have known that the force behind muscle and cardio strengthening exercise is external motion resistance".

"Before the resistance can damage muscles, in the way that causes them to rapidly heal stronger, it needs to reach them. Resistance must stoutly hinder muscle contractions to cause the damage that maintains powerful strength".

"However, if this energy is used up while opposing other adult body parts first, or is released by unintended motions that just yield to it, or if it is moving in the wrong direction to inhibit contractions once it reaches muscles, than the resistance energy is not only wasted, but some or most of it can cause long term damage to other adult parts, which do not rapidly heal stronger".

"Mapping and directing invisible forces is something that only engineers are taught, it is not something taught to doctors or physical trainers, who create exercise programs for adults."

"So virtually all modern fitness and exercise methods were created using the ancient assumption that resistance is driven into the body through the hands or feet first, thus sending it from bone to bone before it can reach the muscles targeted by the exercise".

"Doctors and trainers do not map exercise forces, so they would not realize that the resistance force could be aimed directly through the muscles first, avoiding the other body parts".

"Resistance force dissipates through motions, and with each motion the force is diminished, leaving less of it to hinder the next motion. When a car smashes into a solid wall, the resistance is directed at the entire car, however it causes far more damage to the first parts that give into it (move from it). Exercise resistance works exactly the same way."

"Almost every modern exercise method still drives the resistance into the body through the hands or feet, so the first motions that give in to it, are extremity joints that are pulled or compressed. If the exercise was also intended to work body core muscles, than it must also pass through and move each spinal disk, before hindering muscles".

"But after the skeleton hardens into adulthood, joints and disks no longer rapidly heal, or grow bigger or tougher, just muscle still does this. So the resistance force for stout adult exercises needs to stay concentrated on their muscles, so it only damages muscles, without also damaging other parts that will not rapidly heal."

"If modern exercise methods are used frequently enough to maintain powerful adult fitness, they will prematurely wear down their joints and spinal disks, ending the average adult's ability to stay powerfully fit."

"Mapping and directing energy is only engineering curriculum, it is not taught to medical students or physical trainers. But it is absolutely vital to designing efficient and powerful adult exercises that will not build up permanent joint and disk damage in adult bodies".

"Without combining the engineering science of tracing forces, with traditional fitness and exercise science, stout adult exercise methods can only remain very primitive, prematurely destructive and very ineffective".

This project often points out a 2010 fitness and exercise study from the University of Minnesota, to prove that something is drastically wrong with the exercises today's health and fitness experts keep teaching average adults.

That study found that only about 4% of adults are physically fit. These engineers contend, "If the study only counted adults over age 35, instead of 18, that percentage would plummet, likely well below 1%".

They have spent over a decade establishing an adult fitness science that aims the external motion resistance energy against exercise motions. They call it "ARF", for Aimed Resistance Force.

ARF only aims the external resistance across targeted muscles first, while never allowing it to move parallel (up or down) to the extremities or the spine. ARF's crossing directions prevent the joint and disk damage of traditional exercise, while delivering almost every gram of resistance as tension energy, not compression, fully opposing targeted muscle contractions first.

Attached is a video demonstrating the physical difference between crossing and parallel exercise energy. Since ARF can oppose full range contractions, enough motion is also created at the first entry, which dissipates most of the force fighting muscles, before it could move on and damage anything else.

ARF is likely years away from fitness centers, but they contend that with only a few new engineered parts, most modern workout machine makers will be able to switch their existing devices back and forth to ARF, making them immensely more effective for almost all adults, at any age, while keeping them the same for skeletons that are still rapidly growing upward.

Also for traditional adult floor exercise methods, or free weights, they foresee body attached devices that capture and redirect the external motion resistance, before it enters the body.

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