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Adult film star Nikki Benz will try to unseat Rob Ford as Toronto's next mayor

On Wednesday, the New York Daily News announced that adult movie star Nikki Benz will oppose Rob Ford to become Toronto’s next mayor. The story sounds crazy, but could anything be stranger than catching a mayor on video smoking crack?

Adult movie star Nikki Benz. Could she unseat Toronto's Rob Ford?
New York Daily News Facebook page

Benz is one of the most popular adult movie stars in the industry. She says she doesn’t smoke cigarettes or mess with crack cocaine. She splits her professional time between Etobicoke, which is near Rob Ford’s residence and Los Angeles. She filed her petition on Wednesday at noon. Benz is running with the slogan “Trade in your Ford for a Benz.”

She could make it difficult for Rob Ford and give him some real competition. She has appeared in more than 200 adult movies, Penthouse and Hustler. She told the Toronto Sun she would be a better choice as mayor then incumbent Rob Ford. The election is scheduled for October 27, 2014. According to the City of Toronto website, more than 45 people have officially registered for the race to become the next mayor.

Ford has received national intention after a video captured him smoking crack. He is currently taking a hiatus away from his reelection campaign to complete a rehab stint.

According to the Huffington Post, another candidate named Olivia Chow will also run. Although she isn’t a known drug user or a porn star, Chow’s campaign isn’t without controversy. For instance, Khosrow Vaziri has endorsed her. For anyone not familiar with Vaziri, he is also known as the Iron Sheik. Vaziri has also used social media to post his feminist and anti-gay views. As the sheik, Vaziri is a former WWF (Currently WWE) champion that bested Bob Backlund for the belt. Hulk Hogan eventually defeated the Iron Sheik, which brought worldwide national fame to Hogan. The election has an interesting cast of characters. It could be a great premise for a reality television program.

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