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Adult children and their senior parents.

For Adult Children and their Senior Parents
For Adult Children and their Senior Parents
Peter Zambas

Book Review:

It's between You and Me: Designing a plan for their aging years that will enhance your relationship and empower your lives. Ali Davidson (author)

This book is a guidebook to assist adult children and their aging parents in making decisions together about possible future issues. In working together today, both parent and child will be able to make their wishes known, cover concerns that may arise, and ensure that each has preserved their rights in the future.

Ali Davidson shares that as we age, there are certain things that might occur. These things include:

  • limited mobility, which has an effect on our walking, driving, showering, and more
  • limited mental capacity which affects our ability to manage our medication, our money, and our health
  • isolation, which affects our emotional health to the degree we don't eat right, don't sleep right, etc., which contributes to other health concerns.

Quote from Part 1: Who are we today?

And you, adult child, in your 40's or 50's, have yet to imagine what your parents' old age will look like. The day will come when they will be "old-old" and the parent you've known, the person who took care of you, the one who made all the decisions, is no longer present. However just as our children seemed to grow up overnight from diapers to bikinis, we too will one day wake up and find that mom or dad has become "suddenly senior." Roles will reverse and you will be making decisions for your parents the way they once did for you.

In Part 2: The Letter-It's all about relationship

Ali writes about watching her clients, seniors who have become docile and dependent on others, and no longer had the power they possessed in their youth. Yet their adult children still carry the scars and are unable to forgive. Many times Ali and her staff would hear the fear in the children's voices as they approached their parents and sometimes we'd be told about the dysfunctional childhoods in which her clients were less than loving, critical, negligent and, in some cases, abusive to these now grown children. This section is helpful in healing and also allows you to know others are going through what you are or might.

Ali Davidson's compassion and true passion is easily felt as you read her book. As she writes, "Giving opens your heart, makes you feel good about yourself, and expands your awareness of your own capacity to love."

This book will be a personal tool for me to use with my own family, though I say that with a shiver, because none of us want to admit we will need the 16 questions that are designed to be discussed with our family in Part 5: The Plan

I highly recommend this book. Ali Davidson's book at:

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We are pleased to be working with Lois Trader, a nationally renowned speaker on women's health issues. Lois is a two-time survivor who has made it her passion to help people find the best path to long term health and protection. Lois has been a preeminent speaker on health issues for over twenty years and includes President Reagan, Muhammad Ali, Prime Minister of Israel, and on Capitol Hill D.C., among the thousands of attendees at her speaking engagements.

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Lois Trader

LA Heart Health Examiner


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