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Adult cats in need of homes

Adult cats make good pets, too! Trixie is a good example.
PAWS Chicago

Kitten season is in full swing. All during the summer months and on into the start of fall, little kittens are being born everywhere and many of them end up in shelters and rescue organizations. Although they are so adorable, it is sometimes hard for families to take care of an entire litter and thus they are forced to take an alternative course of action and find someone that can take care of the little babies.

Little fluffy felines are so cute and cuddly though that cat lovers cannot help but want to take them home. The only thing is that many of the mothers and fathers of these lovely creatures are left behind in rescues and shelters; having been overlooked because they are bigger and not as active as a kitten appears to be. That is certainly not fair because the older cats sometimes have even more to offer a family than a young kitten does.

As with other animals, older cats have most likely been trained to use their litter box. They eat on schedule and tend to keep a neat eating area. They do play and sometimes are simply seeking a forever family to get excited about; one willing to play the games that adult cats like to play!

It is so unfortunate that so many adult cats are overlooked time and again during kitten season. Depending on the organization, if the felines are present for an extended period of time, they are in danger of being euthanized.

Thankfully, PAWS Chicago is one of our nation’s largest NO Kill shelters. They work desperately hard for each and every animal that enters their premises. But because there are more cats than there are homes, adult cats are in trouble!

PAWS Chicago would like for people to understand the needs of the adult cats and for them to consider adopting an adult cat into their home. In many cases, adult cats may even fit into the family environment better than a kitten will initially do. This is a great consideration for people who work but would like to come home to a loving furry companion.

If you would like to view the cats available at PAWS Chicago, simply go onto their website You can also connect with them on other social network sites by clicking the following links: FacebookTwitter - Pinterest - Instagram. You can also drop into their Adoption Center located at 1997 North Clybourn Avenue in Chicago.

PAWS Chicago would like to thank you in advance for giving older cats a try. They feel certain that the effort will be well worth your time and energy!

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