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Adrianne Curry shares her divorce story on 'Reality Ex Wives'

Adrianne Curry
Photo by Chelsea Lauren

Adrianne Curry used to be married to Christopher Knight of "The Brady Bunch." These two have split since then and on Thursday night E! shared a show called "Reality Ex Wives." On this special, she shared her divorce story. Adrianne went to her Twitter page to make sure everyone remembered to watch it.

She was married to Christopher Knight for five years. They had a reality show "My Fair Brady" that was only three seasons. She shared that their entire relationship was documented and it felt normal for them. Their entire relationship was on television.

Adrianne shared a lot about her life on the show. She let viewers in on the secret that she was molested and raped as a child. This gorgeous woman even used to cut herself and tried to kill herself more than once. She has a history of drugs and more. Adrianne decided to stop letting the negative things in her life run her life.

She got her life together before she was on "Top Model." This model told herself if she could win the show then she would never use drugs again. She has had her life together ever since and things are better for her. Adrianne met Chris on "The Surreal Life" and he was not interested in her at first, but finally she won him over.

Adrianne shared that her proposal wasn't good. He made her think he was kicking her out and then got on his knee and proposed. When the wedding day came, she started to shake but just assumed it was cold feet. The fact that a camera crew was there might have been part of what got her to walk down the aisle.

They actually wanted her to get pregnant for reality TV, but of course she realized that they shouldn't do that at all. She realized that he was not the one she wanted to have children with and that was the start of their relationship ending. Adrianne asked Chris if he loved her and he said he was not in love with her. They went through a lot of counseling and things didn't work out for him. Adrianne still has great things to say about him but he just wasn't a great husband for her. They don't talk anymore at all though. She shared on the show that she has a new man named Todd Roy and they have a lot in common.

TV By the Numbers shared that this show is just a one-time special. They could decide to pick up more shows like this though if it does well. It is great to get to see a behind the scenes look of these reality ex-wives.

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