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Adovcate Cathy Davis Joins the Fight to increase Lyme Disease Awareness

With over 300k cases reported each year, Lyme Disease is becoming the fastest growing infectious disease in the country. While many are looking to adults to aide in educating the public, Lyme Disease advocate Cathy Davis is turning to children.

Introducing Lymie and his friends the Hip-Hop Hippos. Through her musical video called "Tick Bug Free" Davis, 54, is speaking to children about the dangers of Lyme Disease and the need to be aware.

I discovered Ms. Davis and the work she was during through a mutual friends named Sharon Jackson. Jackson, who is also a grandmother, was impressed with the message and joined Davis in spreading the world about the song and the dangers of Lyme Disease. During May---which is Lyme Disease Awareness Month---they hope to educate the masses about this deadly and misunderstood disease.

For Davis this mission is personal. Originally diagnosed in the 90s, at a time when there wasn't much research and information, she went through years of experiencing a host of illnesses which were discovered to be linked back to Lyme Disease.

Knowing firsthand what it has been like to be misunderstood and having to discover so much on her own, Davis hopes that what she has created with Lymie and the corresponding website will not just leave a legacy for her own grandchildren but educate others in a fun yet easy to understand way about the dangers of Lyme.

"This disease has affected every area of my life," Davis says. "For every child that can check themselves that is a life that could be saved."

Watch the video for yourself here: For more information about the work that Davis is doing visit

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