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Adorable twin polar bear cubs make their first appearance at the Munich zoo

Wednesday, the Munich zoo debuted a set of twin polar bear cubs who are 14-weeks-old; the adorable twin bear cubs have not yet been named, but drew a large crowd at the zoo and over 100 reporters attended the debut, according to the Associated Press.

Adorable twin polar bear cubs make their first appearance at the Munich zoo
Photo by Alexandra Beier/Getty Images

The twin polar bear cubs consist of one male and one female, and they appear to be happy and healthy as they skipped playfully near their mother in front of the reporters. Their mother’s name is Giovanna and she is seven years old. The twin polar bear cub’s father’s name is Yogi and he was taken to the Stuttgart zoo a few weeks ago. Adult male polar bears have been known to kill polar bear cubs; zoo officials said that he will return to the Munich zoo when the cubs are older.

The twin polar bear cubs were born on December 9 and this was their first time in public; photos of the twins have popped up all over the Internet and created a buzz. See the video above to see the twin polar bear cubs play with their mother.

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