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Adorable personalized letters

Clutter cutter $15
Clutter cutter $15
Personalized letters
 Brighten up his or her room with these colorful and affordable personalized letters.  These may be purchased on Etsy at
These adorable letters are sold separately for $6 and less depending on how many are ordered. A great purchase considering each one is 6.5 inches tall and 4 inches wide and you may choose your own colors! You can mix and match or choose each letter the same.
The designer, Claire, uses scrapbook paper on the front of the letters, paint on the back and sides and finishes each piece with  high gloss.  Her customers love the high quality of her work noting that each letter is  well made, beautifully finished and ready to hang with matching ribbon. Kids love them!

Claire, as most artisans, gains inspiration from her surroundings. She loves color,texture and functionality as shown in her "clutter cutters". . These can also be found in her etsy shop for $15.00.  Couldn't we all use some of these?

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