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Adorable compilation video of dogs and babies (videos)

There may be nothing on earth cuter than babies or dogs and when you put the two together, you’re certain to have a winner. The video above contains some of the most adorable instances captured on video tape showing dogs and babies interacting together. While pet owners should always take great care when introducing a new baby to a pet dog, and be on the look out for signs of jealousy or aggression on the dog’s part, many dogs love babies and become extremely protective of them.

Dogs and babies

The mash up is from America’s Funniest Videos and shows dogs as they share space (and sometimes toys and pacifiers) with their little, human companions. Make sure to watch the full video to see how adorable these dogs and babies are together.

Do you have any funny stories or home videos regarding your pet dog and baby? If so, feel free to leave them in the comment section below.

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