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Adorable (almost) four-year old calls 911 to save injured father

"Little girl nearly four years old saves father's life by calling 911!"
"Little girl nearly four years old saves father's life by calling 911!"
"Why give forward" web page

This morning WSB-TV in Atlanta reported a story about one of the area’s littlest heroes… ah, heroines.

Little did Shawn Powers of Rockdale County, Georgia, ever realize that teaching his little three- year old daughter, Elisha, how to unlock and use his cell phone that she would one day save his life.

Shawn was cutting back brush in his backyard with a sharp machete when he accidentally sliced into his arm causing a serious injury. He severed an artery and tendons. The bleeding was so severe; he knew he needed help quickly.

Having to apply pressure to keep from bleeding to death, he talked his little girl through the process to use the cell phone; but only after she retrieved it from his pocket.

"I told Elisha, 'You're going to have to call an ambulance for Daddy. Daddy can't call. I can't use my right hand,'" said Powers.

After she punched in the 911 numbers, he told her to hold it up to his ear so he could talk to the dispatcher.

This proud father told everyone at the hospital how his 3-year old – almost 4-year old - had saved his life.

During the TV interview with Tom Regan of Channel 2, she was asked if she was scared while all of this was happening and little Elisha replied, “No, I was brave!” Be sure to watch the video. It is about the story and not about the ads listed there.

A few days after the incident, she turned four and her father wished her Happy Birthday and stated that she was his hero.

Powers stated that he was expected to make a full recovery over the next six months; and like so many young parents today, he has no insurance. His expenses have amounted to about $200,000.

Anyone wishing to help this young father can do so by going to “Why give forward” web site.

With the prolific use of cell phones by adults today, little children become fascinated by the device and even at toddler age can be seen mimicking their adult role models. Teaching them at a very young age how to dial 911 could save their life or like in this case, the life of someone else.

Any 911 operator will say they would rather receive an erroneous phone call from a little one than for them to become afraid to use the emergency number when there was a real emergency.

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