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Adorable adoptable: Elrod from Furkids

Elrod is available for adoption from Furkids in metro Atlanta
Elrod is available for adoption from Furkids in metro Atlanta

Every day there are thousands of homeless pets in shelters in metro Atlanta who all have the same wish - a forever home. They are dreaming of waking up in a home where they are loved and cherished and are a member of the family.

Each week I will be featuring pets from local shelters and rescue groups who want to be your furry forever friend. These adorable sweethearts want nothing more than their very own human and a warm place to sleep at night.

Today’s featured pet is Elrod from Furkids. Elrod is a seven-year old silver tabby kitty. Here is a message from Elrod that he posted on the Furkids Facebook page recently:

I am a handsome big silver tabby boy with tan markings on my face that outline my eyes and around my cheeks. I love to talk and I'm also very curious about my environment. I am on the go checking out every nook and cranny of my surroundings. I enjoy the company of people, so I am seeking a home with a family that will give me lots of attention and petting. Please consider providing me a place to call my own. Apply to meet me today!

Click here to see a video of Elrod at the Furkids Shelter.

Click here if you are interested in adopting Elrod or another cat from Furkids.

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In 2013, Furkids saved 1,597 dogs and cats and found forever homes for 1,351 dogs and cats. As of April 30 of this year, Furkids has saved 811 animals and adopted out 581 animals. Click here to read more about Furkids’ mission and history.

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