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Adoptions through foster care increasing

adoption through foster care
adoption through foster care
Photo: Trina R. Darling

According to Bucker International, adoptions through fostercare are increasing. Since abortion became legal after Roe v. Wade in 1974, the number of pregnant women placing infants for adoption has declined. In addition, according to Buckner, the shame stigma attached to single parenthood has declined through the years, making it more acceptable to raise children on your own.

Biological families wishing to add numbers to their families are increasing them through foster care and adoption, as well as single people wishing to adopt (like me!). Buckner added that adoptions through foster care are much cheaper, and often free when taking state reimbursement and tax breaks into consideration.

My youngest daughter was adopted through a private adoption, and then my older two girls were adopted through foster care, with Fulton County Department of Social Services, in Johnstown, NY. I took the foster care course at Fulton County DSS, and they sent a social worker to my house to complete my homestudy, saving me the hundreds of dollars it would have cost to secure my own homestudy.

Adoption through foster care is not without risks. If you decide to take in babies, hoping that you will get an infant that is eventually freed for adoption, you risk the heart break of every baby that goes home. After all, the mission of DSS is to reunite children with their bio families, NOT to be an adoption agency. However, even in a small county like Fulton County, I know of families who took in newborns that were eventually freed for adoption. If you live in a larger county, with more babies, it would seem like the statistical chance is increased.

There are MANY older kids who are already freed for adoption. Most every state has a photo-listing. NYS has their photo listing at NYS OCFS (New York State Office of Children and Family Services). There is a search engine there, where you can look by age, sex, etc.


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