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Adoption subsidy & food stamps

In 2002, the NYS OCFS determined that adoption subsidy should not be included as income when determining foodstamps for a household. In 2007, in response to a re-determination by the USDA, OCFS determined that adoption subsidy SHOULD be included as unearned income.
There is an exception to this rule, with vague implications. The memo says that “allowable, reimbursable, verifiable expenses” may be used to exclude adoptions subsidy monies as unearned income when figuring foodstamps for a household. Finding the definition of those expenses is the trick.
I asked two different social services workers, one today, and got two different answers. One said that the expenses might be things such as fuel, electric and groceries, and the other said that only special things, like school pictures, and braces that weren't covered by the insurance were allowed. I then contacted NYS OCFS this afternoon and asked them for clarification. The interesting thing will be to note IF they answer, and if so, what they say.


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