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Adoption Story: Leah finds her forever home

Leah, once Mika, was adopted by a family but returned a month later due to divorce. Mika had been named Zoe by this family, and she was sad at being returned. She had children to play with her with that family, and she was hoping to have another little one to love her. Little did she know, a wonderful family would soon come along! This is her story, submitted to us by Leah's forever mom, Ariel.

Leah has found her forever home.
Alabama Siberian Husky Rescue
Leah has found love with her forever family
Alabama Siberian Husky Rescue

"I adopted my first husky from Alabama Siberian Husky Rescue in March of 2012. I had been researching and looking for a husky for quite some time but the issue was I really did not want a puppy, because I knew with my work life that training a pup was just not a good option, and everywhere I looked to get one, they were all puppies. Eventually someone told me to think of rescuing one instead. I was
dumbfounded that I hadn't thought of that earlier myself. Adopting looked to be the perfect option for me and my husband with the added benefit of feeling good about saving a dog’s life. So promptly I started typing into Google, adopt a Siberian Husky in Alabama. The first thing that came up was ASHR. I went to their page and browsed through the huskies they had available for adoption. I knew I wanted 2 so they could keep each other company so I immediately applied for 2. There was a beautiful silver and white female named "Zoe", and I just could not stop looking at her picture. She was 2 years old approx. and medium height with one blue eye and one brown/blue. I also applied for a blackand white male that caught my eye as well. My references were called/emailed shortly thereafter, and a home interview was set up. The meeting was pleasant, and I was told I would know soon if I was approved to adopt. I was so anxious and excited. I had already bought 2 crates heeding to the president of the rescue's advice on utilizing them. I bought toys and leashes and collars for 2. I went on a doggy shopping spree, I’ll admit! Finally, I was emailed and told that I was approved! However, the male I was looking for was already pending adoption for someone else, which was sad, but Zoe was available and I was more than excited about her. Not long after approval, we had an adoption meeting. I get to meet Zoe! I was overjoyed. My husband, my son, and I went to the meeting. She was so sweet, beautiful, and good with my son. I sat down, signed the paperwork and we were off to take my beautiful girl home with us, a new member of the family. We all climbed in our Scion TC which of course is small. Zoe was to relax in my floor board with me holding her. She had other plans! She immediately jumped into my arms and tucked her head around my neck, hugging me tightly all 0f the way home with hercoat blowing fur everywhere, and I was the happiest I had been in a long time. She seemed to be happy, too. Zoe, now Leah, lives happily now with her big brother Demon--another adoptee from ASHR, and another story-- a foster puppy for ASHR ( yes I was so inspired I began to foster and volunteer) and is queen of the house, sleeps in our bed with us, and is loved deeply by us all. Thank you ASHR for bringing our family together; life wouldn’t be the same without them!"