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Adoption reality show debuts on ABC

On November 23rd, ABC will debut a new series, "Find My Family", a show that will follow the process of people who have been searching for long lost family they haven't seen in years, or in some cases, since birth.

"Find My Family" debuts Monday, November 23rd.
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According to ABC's Website, the first episode will follow the story of Scott and Sandy Steinpas who are searching for the daughter they put up for adoption when they were just teenagers. In June of 1979, Sandy found out she was pregnant. The couple made the difficult decision to give their baby up for adoption. During Monday's preview, the couple will meet their biological daughter who grew up only about 8 miles away from them.

The show is hosted by Lisa Joyner and Tim Green, who are adopted themselves. Show producers said the show was created with one very clear goal, to bring families back together.

The show will air at 8:30/9:30c. In the Grand Rapids area the show will air on both WOTV-4 as well as WZZM-13.

Scroll down this page for a preview of the show.

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  • GR Adoption Examiner 5 years ago

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  • patrice 5 years ago

    i'm excited about this show. i have not heard or seen one BLOOD relative in 45 years. i have been searching for many years. but, it's exciting to see other people dreams come true. i'm still waiting ,you never know but after 45 years it wasn't meant to be. thank you for this show