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Adoption Grants Available

Our adoption photo
Our adoption photo
photo/Trina R. Darling

While reading the new book, Choosing to See: A Journey of Struggle and Hope, by Mary Beth Chapman, I read about their ministry, Shohannah’s Hope, which has adoption grants available to Christian couples who are adopting overseas.
To look at the adoption grant website, click here…

Chapmans have some remarkable adoption stories to tell, in regards to adopting from China, and the tragic loss of their daughter, Maria Sue Chapman, in May of 2009. If you buy the book, expect to use Kleenexes in number! This book is also available in Kindle Edition! Ü For more adoption stories, check out Chapman's "Miracle" page....

If you choose to adopt domestically, you can save on adoption costs by adopting through your local social services agency. I adopted three children in Fulton County, NY. The older two, special needs adoptions, had adoption costs covered by Fulton County, including the lawyer’s fees. The younger child, not special needs, only had lawyer’s fees, which only amounted to $600. The home study was conducted by Fulton County Department of Social Services, and also was free.