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Adopting vs Fostering

This time of year so many of the humane societies and shelters are offering special incentives for adopting a pet. This weekend with the backing of some well-meaning organizations we may even be able to pick up that adorable new friend for free. However, has there been ample research, time and thought put into this household addition.

Should there still be questions or considerations not researched take the time to do this thoroughly Seek out a veteranairan, pet counselor, or shelter representative to help with this process. And if questions are still unanswered or the idea of taking on a pet for the rest of their natural life (which is the moral issue when adopting); try some of these first.

Fostering a pet is frequently a very valuable alternative, especially if there are children involved who are 'going to do all the work'. Fostering lets the honeymoon wear off and goes into the life commitment.

Volunteering at a shelter, rescue or humane society can often bring home the answer to the question of size and breed. While volunteering all the tips of the care and concerns will be seen and hopefully answered.

Sit down with family and/or friends and discuss this addition. Do some soul searching about if life should get tough what will that mean for the pet. In some ways this is like having a new child; they require care, continuity, training and setting limits, while dishing up lots of love. (This is not a comparison of children to pets; it is a comparison of responsibilities which just happen to border on the same for both).

And try to remember through all this research a Mercedes will never be a Volkswagen and Mount Adams will never train us for Everest.

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