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Adopting an older dog

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We adopted our Jack Russell Terrier at the grand old age of eight, although that’s probably young middle age for this breed. That was roughly five and half years ago, and the little fellow remains extremely energetic, which is not surprising to anyone familiar with these feisty little dogs. We were very curious about his origins – at eight he had obviously done quite a bit of living before we met him –and since we have an animal rescue organization (Shelter Me Inc) and know quite a few people in the business, we managed to track him back to a shelter in Indiana. We learned that a very fine rescue organization called the Canine Express saved his life by driving to the Bay State Animal Shelter in Massachsuetts, where he was adopted a couple years before we met him. We became his second owners here; we’ll never really know how many people owned him before us.

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We got him from an animal control officer who confiscated him after catching him half a dozen times running through the woods of Westford. Bringing him home to foster for a weekend was a last-minute thought we had--to give the little guy a break from the animal control shelter. But, once we had him home, he became completely ours in the space of an afternoon. He is an incredibly attractive dog , highly intelligent, and crazy active but he can easily spend an hour or more sleeping on my lap when I’m working at my desk.

I take him on all kinds of animal rescue expeditions as you can see in the slideshow. He is completely unintimidated (size-blind) around horses, lamas and goats. He loves children and babies but unfortunately goes apoplectic around other dogs. That’s his major flaw, but we wouldn’t trade him for anything, certainly not for a puppy. This guy needed to be saved, and we’re glad our family found him. He’s paid us back a thousand times over.