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Adopting a dog for dad for Father’s Day

This Shar-Pei was adopted from a shelter!
This Shar-Pei was adopted from a shelter!
Linda Torelli

If you happen to be seeking a great gift for Father’s Day, one that will live on in dad’s heart for many good years to come, why not consider getting ‘the man’ ‘man’s best friend?’ It is relatively easy to do and could provide a dog in need of a home with a loving family that may also need the dog. If you do consider getting dad a dog for Father’s Day, remember to adopt as oppose to buying.

There are many good dogs at shelters and rescues. It is hard to believe when they are overlooked simply because of their residence. Many dogs end up in these situations due to human neglect or downright ignorance. It is not the fault of the animals, it is human error that has landed them where they are. Besides that, the dogs many people purchase at pet store are the one-and-the-same that end up in rescues for various reasons!

Statistics reveal that about 50% of people buy and 50% of people adopt pets each year. The unfortunate statistic is that the shelters and rescue organizations that take in the animals that people rid themselves of are non-profit organizations and take in the animals for the sake of love. Not all of the organizations are No-Kill thus about three- to four-million animals still die in shelters each year.

As Linda Torelli posted on the Best Friends Blog, many people are looking for breed specific animals as opposed to mixed breeds. They could even be looking to adopt a puppy to train and grow with as opposed to a teen or adult animal. There may be a thousand other reasons why people buy as opposed to adopt, but if the idea was to get dad a dog for Father’s Day, you could plan ahead and work with local rescues or shelters to find you exactly (or as close to exact) as possible what you think dad would want.

About a quarter of the animals that end up homeless are “purebred.” Many people looking for a pet as a gift realize this just as they are opposed to purchasing gifts from resale organizations never realizing that many of the clothing and other goods are donated by retail organizations at year end so they get the same write-off as individuals do.

In order to counteract ‘normal’ thinking, shelters and rescue organizations will many times take requests for specific breeds and ages of animals. Throughout the vast network that many of these organizations create, it is easier (and much less expensive) to adopt as opposed to buying a purebred dog for dad as a gift.

Another method these organizations use to place the animals quickly is fast-tracking highly adoptables. Many of the large and well-known organizations endorse fast-tracking since it increases capacity, reduces health risks and allows greater focus of resources on harder to place animals.

Many times a breed-specific rescue list will help you review quickly to assess if the animal of your father’s dreams is on the list of adoptable animals for a particular organization. When particular organizations work together as partners, transferring animals to the area in which you live may be an option to save you further on travelling to get the animal or paying transportation costs. You are also more likely to get exactly what you seek as these partners tend to promote one-another and guarantee good results.

If dad wants just a puppy to build a relationship with, this is also a possibility with many rescues and shelters – especially if you know where to look. The Deep South and Central California ordinarily have a host of cuties to choose from.

Rescuing animals just makes sense for dad and for you. So this Father’s Day, if you are planning to get dad a new best friend, make the right choice and adopt, don’t shop!

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