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Adoptable Pets at the Boone County Animal Shelter 2/5/10

Sugar is available for adoption at the Boone County Animal Shelter.  She is 8 months old looking for a loving home.

Sugar is available for adoption at the Boone County Animal Shelter.  She is 8 months old looking for a loving home. 

Last year the Boone County Animal Shelter, in
Burlington, KY, brought in over 4500 animals adopting most of them to loving families.  There are so many stray cats and dogs out there without warm homes or pets that are rescued from inhumane living conditions that getting your next pet from your local shelter should be the first place you visit.  You can even find your next pet online at where you can search multiple shelters and rescue organizations in your area or across the nation.

If you want to help these animals without homes but can't provide a home you can still help.  Volunteer at your local public shelter or private rescue organization.  They always need help cleaning, walking or just playing with the animals available for adoption.  Your involvement will help the pets look their best, get them out of the cages and, most importantly, get them used to being around people. 

 Stray dogs and cats that are captured by animal control may not be used to people and can have behavior issues.  Unless they get used to being handled they will not be adoptable.  Pets given up by their owners will also be scared.  Imagine if you were taken to a strange place with different smells and many other animals.  You would be scared and wondering why your owner would leave you.  These pets tend to hide in their cages and by loving on them they will become more comfortable.  When that happens they will be more out going when people come in to find a new pet.  So go and volunteer at a local shelter.

 I volunteer at the Boone County Animal Shelter twice a week using my skills to help the pets find new homes.  I am a professional pet photographer and take pictures of the adoptable pets and list them on  The pictures are the first thing that people see when they search the website.  Having a great photo showing the best features of the pet generates more clicks and is more likely to be adopted.  The pictures are also used to make flyers for special events and to place on each cage. 

 Each week I am going to post pictures of a few selected animals along with their story.  Hopefully you will see one you like and will visit the Boone County Animal Shelter or a shelter in your local area. 

Prince is available for adoption.

Prince is a Black Lab that is about 8 months old.  He has been at the shelter since
Christmas when he was brought in as a stray.  Prince has a micro chip ID and is neutered but has not been claimed. 

I had a chance to play with him in the snow while taking pictures of him.  He is great dog that likes to run and play.  He comes when called even if it is to go back into his kennel. 

If you are looking for a great dog then got and visit Prince. 

Skylynn is available for adoption at the Boone County Animal Shelter.

Skylynn is a Husky mix and is only 5 months old.  She was surrendered by her owner.  Huskies do take a lot of work and attention. 

When I photographed her she was still scared and very nervous.  She never made an attempt to snap at me in fear but just laid there shaking.  Since then the volunteers and staff have loved on her with treats and her personality has really come out.  She is a fun loving puppy that would make a great pet for the right family.  If you are looking for a beautiful husky then come visit Skylynn.

There are over 30 animals currently available at the Boone County Animal Shelter in
BurlingtonKY.  You can look at them all at


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