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Adoptable Pets at Boone County Animal Shelter 3/5/10


Everybody loves puppies and kittens.  They are cute with their big eyes, soft fur and sense of helplessness tug at our hearts and we fall in love at first sight.  For that reason they do stay long at shelters and pet stores. 

While it is great to adopt any pet in need of a home there are many more adult dogs and cats that need homes too.  They are given up for multiple reasons, moving, allergies, divorce, or even "other pets don't like them".  Whatever the reason these pets need new homes just as much as the cute adorable puppies and kittens. 

The best part about adopting an adult pet is that they are usually already house broken and trained in other ways.  The Boone County Animal Shelter has a dog trainer from Unleashed Canine Obedience that comes in and helps train some of the dogs to make them more adoptable.  They also offer a obedience class for people up recently adopted a dog from the shelter.  Adult cats are usually already declawed and spayed or neutered.  Also since they, the pet, know what it is like to be abandoned or lost, will love you even more and appreciate the home that you gave them.  So with all the benefits of adopting older pets why wouldn't you take one home. 

Here are some adoptable adult cats and dogs available at the Boone County Animal Shelter.

My name is George and I am very scared right now.  I am an adult male that has been neutered but I still have all my claws. 

My family gave me up because someone became allergic to cats.  I spend my days at the shelter hiding in my litter box.  I was used to a nice quiet home and now I am in a loud shelter with lots of other cats. 

Once I get comfortable with you I am very loving. 

My name is Snuppie and I am an adult Beagle who was lost when I was picked up and brought to the shelter. 

I know how to walk on leash and come when I am called.  Which is a good thing but I do like to stick close.  

I just hope that someone comes to visit me soon and take me home with them. 

Our names are Ford (black & white), and Dodge (Black).  We are 3 year old cats that were brought to the shelter by our owner because the other pets they have don't like us.  We really don't know why because we are very friendly with people and even the other cats here at the shelter. 

I, Ford, am a male and have been neutered and had my front paws declawed.  I am a big cat that weighs probably around 15 lbs. but am super sweet.

I love my head rubbed and if you stop I will try to get you to start again. 

Dodge is a female who has been spayed and declawed.  She is a big cat too but not quite as heavy as I am.  Head rubs are one of her favs too but she really like to be held.

We are both very good cats that are looking for a home where we are wanted by everyone, even the other pets. 

Those are just a few of the adult pets that are available at the Boone County Animal Shelter this week.  You can view the slide show to see all the new arrivals.  I really hope that you find one that tugs at your heart and stop by and visit them. 


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