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Adopt Marshmallow from the Arizona Animal Welfare League

Adopt Marshmallow
Adopt Marshmallow
Courtesy of the Arizona Animal Welfare League

Marshmallow is a 3 year old Pit Bull Terrier Mix. The Arizona Animal Welfare League describes her with the following: "Hi everyone, I'm Marshmallow and I'm sweet as can be. I was brought to the shelter with my babies and they've all found home, so now it's my turn. I know how to sit and lay down, I know how to crawl and I know I can learn so much more. I'm really energetic and have lots of enthusiasm. I hope my new family will have lots of activities for me to do with them like hiking and biking, and maybe even swimming. I get a little antsy when I don't have an outlet. I don't want to live with another dog, I want my home and people to myself and don't even get me started on cats. So, if you're up for a busy yet rewarding life with me, please come to the shelter so we can meet. Now that I know my kids are safe, it's time for me to have a family of my own."

Marshmallow is located in Building 6 at the Arizona Animal Welfare League. Her adoption fee is $175. For more information about Marshmallow, and how to adopt her; please visit Marshmallow's Fan Page, or call the Arizona Animal Welfare League at 602-273-6852 Ext 116. Her Animal ID number is 21951535.

This pet might have been adopted by the time you visit the shelter, however, the Arizona Animal Welfare League has many more wonderful pets that also need loving homes. Please take a moment to meet some of the other homeless dogs, cats and other companion animals at the shelter! To see all the animals that are waiting for forever homes please visit our website at AZ Animal Welfare League does not have a formal affiliation with the author of this article or

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