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Adopt Garrett from the Arizona Animal Welfare League

Adopt Garret
Adopt Garret
Courtesy of the Arizona Animal Welfare League

Garret is a 1 and a half year old Australian Cattle Dog/Chinese Shar-Pei Mix. The Arizona Animal Welfare League describes him with the following: "Hi. My name is Garret. Staff says I am one of their favorites. I have been here a while, but only because I don't "show well" in the kennels, so no one wants to take me out :( . When someone does take me out, I am shy and can take 15 min to warm up to new people. So, here I sit.....However, at someone's home, I overhear experienced staff say that, "I am perfect." I don't chew things. I learned the dog door in like 3 minutes. I leave his cat alone, but the cat is dog savvy (silly cat.) I Love to go to the dog park, where I play very well with other dogs, and I am learning to meet new people. I would like to be the only dog at the home, however. I am house trained, and perfectly just lay on the couch after playing at the park with no issues. I am crate trained, but don't need it. I also hear them say how smart I am, as I learn quickly. I can almost walk loose leash and sit when my human stops walking."

Garret is located in Kennel B at the Arizona Animal Welfare League. His adoption fee is $125. For more information about Garret, and how to adopt him, please visit his Fan Page, or call the Arizona Animal Welfare League at 602-273-6852 Ext 116. Garret’s Animal ID number is 19016711.

This pet might have been adopted by the time you visit the shelter, however, the Arizona Animal Welfare League has many more wonderful pets that also need loving homes. Please take a moment to meet some of the other homeless dogs, cats and other companion animals at the shelter! To see all the animals that are waiting for forever homes please visit our website at AZ Animal Welfare League does not have a formal affiliation with the author of this article or

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