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Adopt! Five Great Reasons. (Photos)

Don't wait until Adopt a Cat month. There are fantastic cats to adopt right now.
Don't wait until Adopt a Cat month. There are fantastic cats to adopt right now.
Christine Church

Although "Adopt a Cat" month is not until June, I feel that every month, every day, is a good time to find that special kitty to adopt and share in your life. Below are 5 reasons why you should adopt a cat from a shelter rather than buying from a breeder or pet store.

Beautiful cats like this one desperately need homes.
Christine Church/ KJ Photography CT
  1. Cats at shelters were usually taken from hoarders, or from the streets. They often have had poor lives and are in extra special need of someone to love them.
  2. Shelter cats are vet checked and already spayed/neutered, where often pet store cats are not.
  3. Shelters stand by their cats!
  4. Though this does not apply to all breeders, many are only in it for the money and have poor track records; those breeders will sell sickly kittens, kittens or cats with congenital disorders and other negative factors all in the name of developing the "perfect specimen."
  5. And, most importantly, with millions of cats being put to sleep in Humane Societies and Pounds every year, you can save a cat's life by adopting. The more cats adopted out, the more room is open for new cats who need a chance at finding the perfect home.

This is not to say you can only find good cats at shelters. Good cats come from all over. Often, however, shelters are keen on screening potential adopters to find the best possible match. Pet stores and pounds just want to get rid of the animals in their possession and, if the match is poor, the cat ends up either in the street again or back in the pound, where they get 7 days to live.

So, please do not wait until June. Adopt that perfect feline companion now!


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