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Adopt a wild horse at the Wyoming State Fair during Mustang Days

Residents of Wyoming and surrounding states as well as attendees at the Wyoming State Fair are invited to join the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) during fair days to possibly adopt a wild horse of their own. Adoptions can be made throughout the week during Mustang Days and especially on Friday, August 15, Mustang Day.

Youngster pats one of the horses up for adoption
Youngster pats one of the horses up for adoption
Jeff T. Green/Getty Images
Photo wallpaper of three wild horses
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BLM has been bringing adoptable wild horses to the Wyoming State Fair for the last five years. The event has always resulted in a 100 percent sell-out of the horses. Each year, horses have found good homes in this way. Dates for the 2014 Wyoming State Fair are Aug. 9 through Aug. 16.

Horse buyers readily know that purchasing a horse for $125 is a great deal. Horses can be bought for a minimum of $125 per animal and, through a silent bid process, some horses might be slightly more because of multiple competitive bids.

According to Scott Fluer of Wild Horse and Burro Adoption of the BLM says, “We've been coming [to the Wyoming State Fair] every year for the last five years and bringing wild horses to adopt."

The BLM gets many of these wild horses from the controversial wild horse roundups. At various times, the BLM holds “gathers” during which it corrals wild horses to remove them from open federally-owned and state-owned lands. Many of these horses are then trained to trust humans so that they can be easily handled and gentled.

Says BLM horse trainer Steve Mantle, "You've got to gentle them down and build trust with that horse first."

Once the handlers gain some rapport with the horses, each animal responds in its own unique and individual way. The horses brought to the Wyoming State Fair are generally the gently-trained horses. Each animal is well-started and will make a terrific riding partner.

People who already own trained wild horses will attest to the remarkable nature of these horses. They are very popular and often become great favorites. They are smart, sound, sure-footed and exceptionally healthy. Once the wild horse accepts its new role with a human, it forms a close bond and aims to please.

If the wild horse finds its destiny in a gather and certain confinement, hopefully it can also find a good and forever home.

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