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Adopt a street program keeps Central Point a clean city

Sample bag of trash pickerd up by Members of Table Rock Kiwanis in Central Point
Sample bag of trash pickerd up by Members of Table Rock Kiwanis in Central Point
Tyler Williams

Next time you are sitting around with nothing to do, pick up the phone and dial the Central Point city hall, ask for Cindy in the Public Works department and sign up to adopt a street. It is almost that easy to get your school, your church, your organization or your family’s name on a Central Point street.

This sign marks the street for Table Rock Kiwanis in Central Point
McClellan Photos

The Adopt a Street program involves for a two year commitment promising to walk along your street once every three months and pick up trash that inconsiderate residents have strewn along your byway.

Table Rock Kiwanis is one of twenty three organizations and individuals who are participants in Adopt a Street in Central Point. Many cities, counties and state highways also have the program. Signs proudly announce the street sponsors.

There needs to be one contact person who attends a safety briefing and each participant must sign a waiver that the activity is done at one’s own risk. The City provides orange safety vests, pick up tools, trash bags, safety cones and signs to warn motorists that a litter crew is working.

The trash haul generally contains nothing more exciting than an enormous amount of cigarette butts; that leads to lots of comment about inconsiderate smokers. Other common items are soft drink cups, napkins and just pieces of paper. So far Table Rock Kiwanis members have not been fortunate enough to find treasure or dollar bills.

After their walk is finished the group goes to breakfast to celebrate another job well done!

Currently twenty three Central Point streets are adopted. If you wish to claim a particular street and it is available the City will put your name on it. Normally the section of street ranges from a half mile to a mile in length. It is an easy way to gain community visibility and at the same time provide a valuable community service.

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