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Adopt a stream

Adopt a stream
Adopt a stream
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Celebrities are adopting babies; others are adopting zoo animals, and some people are adopting roadways. Stand out above the crowd and start a new trend!  The Illinois Smallmouth Alliance has developed the Adopt-A-Stream program.  Business owners, youth groups, civic organizations, churches, academic organizations, families and individuals can now help protect our natural resources.

The ISA will send a program packet for applications received.  Volunteering activities include required water monitoring, one stream clean-up per year for two years, photo monitoring and reporting of tasks. Suggested tasks are erosion control, stream bank planting, birding, wildlife observation, camping or workshops; there are many fun things to do when you participate!

  • "Streams are important biological, commercial and recreational resources for Illinois."
  • "The state's 87,000 miles of permanent flowing streams provide homes for a diverse variety of fish, birds, mussels and other wildlife."
  • "Many land animals also use streams as feeding areas, watering areas and travel corridors."

Committing to a program like this is a perfect way to add a little interest and fun into your summer.  For larger organizations, this could be an event that will uplift and bring your group closer, while improving the environment.  

For more information, please contact:  

ISA Conservation
478 North Van Buren Avenue
Bradley, Illinois 60915
+1 773 771 9042 


  • Nick Cerone Jr.-Kansas-City-Bow-Hunting-Examiner 5 years ago

    Nice article Cindy... Didn't realize you were a fellow examiner, I subscribed

  • Frans Diepstraten Calgary Outdoor Adventure Examin 5 years ago

    Keeping our streams "fresh" is important work; goes together with education to trail user such as the off-road community. Good initiative.

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