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Adopt-a-soldier with an RPG magazine


Back in October, I wrote about Kobold Quarterly's "Adopt-A-Soldier" program:

Kobold Quarterly, the RPG magazine published by Wolfgang Bauer, has started an "Adopt-A-Soldier" program where people can donate to help sponsor subscriptions to members of our armed forces. Both soldiers and prospective sponsors can go to this page for more details.

For the Holidays, Wolfgang is giving away prizes to both soldiers who sign up for the service, those who purchase a sponsorship and those who help promote this service (like this article). If you have a soldier/sailor/marine/airman friend or loved one who enjoys D&D RPGs, this is a great offer - they can get free copies of Kobold Quarterly magazine while they are deployed. As someone who spent time in the military, any small comfort or reminder of home is a great thing.

You have until December 31st to get entered. Even if you don't read this in time, please do consider sponsoring a subscription - it's a great way to send a bit of good morale and karma to those who serve our country.