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Adopt a purebred cat and save a life

Some people believe that purebred animals cannot be found in shelters.  Adoption organizations will tell you resoundingly, that this is incorrect.  In fact, they see just about every kind of purebred dog and cat imaginable.  Homelessness is not breed specific.

Animal Adoption Montreal operates a no-kill cat shelter, Chatopia. They deal with all kinds of beautiful purebred pets - from Persians to Siamese to Himalayans.  All looking for their forever homes. 

You get to meet this beauties at AAM's next Open House/Adoption Day. A garage sale (with refreshments!) will also take place, with all proceeds benefitting the animals at the center. 

The details are below:

  • WHAT: Chatopia Open House/Adoption Day/Garage Sale
  • WHEN:  Saturday, August 28th, from 10am-5pm
  • WHERE: 7340 Mountain Sights corner Jean Talon (Namur Metro)
  • INFO:  call Richard at 514 236 4584